About Us

Hotpower Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is a professional engaged in thermal engineering, industrial combustion systems, imports of heating systems accessories, warehousing-type sales of technology-industry and trade integration company. Our feature is the rapid delivery of expensive parts of the combustion field and the assembly of the test system delivered to the customer;

At present, Hotpower in China mainly engaged in Italy Brahma and honeywell's Krom // schroder two world famous hot accessories brand. 2008 by virtue of the excellent reputation and performance to become Italy Brahma China agent, and in 2010 to become superlative level distributor of Krom // schroder, and we also warehousing and sales of Siemens thermal , Carl Dungs, BERU, Elektror, and other related brands of heating spare parts, adequate inventory, complete model.

In carrying out these branded products retail business at the same time, we have a professional technical team, to the subordinate dealers and commission maintenance personnel to provide professional technical support.

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