BERU Group is one of the world's four major gasoline manufacturers, its ignition in the field of high visibility and influence, and its products are mainly available to the world's top cars (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche) and other German international brands The Professional top technology and the best quality to provide you with the greatest confidence protection.

At the same time Beru company also produces industrial electrodes, Germany Krom // schroeder, DUNGS brands such as the use of ignition electrodes are produced by the BERU company, mainly used in boilers, industrial furnaces, incinerators, smelting furnace, kitchen equipment, drying equipment, food Drying equipment, ironing equipment, paint equipment, road construction machinery and equipment, industrial annealing furnace and other thermal systems.

Shanghai Tiger Bo is the only mainland operating Beru electrode of a dealer, adequate supply, professional knowledge to provide you with quality service and support.