Krom // schroder

Company Profile

Komschroder AG is a world famous company specializing in R & D and manufacture of industrial furnace gas combustion control systems. Founded in 1865, the establishment of the world more than 50 representative offices and joint ventures, the system product performance in the forefront of the global industry. And well-known furnace design companies such as Stein Heurty, LOI, Chugairo, Eisenmann and Dannieli, Long-term relationship. At present, Komschroder belongs to the Honeywell Group.

Main product introduction

With more than 100 years of history, Komschroder AG is the world's leading manufacturer of gas combustion control system equipment, its products include:

• Gas pipeline safety regulator system: including regulator valves, filters, shut-off valves, safety relief valves and pressure switches.

• Solenoid valve series: including electromagnetic through valve, electromagnetic butterfly valve.

• Electric gas shutoff valve series

• Air / Gas Proportional Valves

• Electric gas control butterfly valve

• Electric air-conditioning butterfly valve: including room temperature valve, high temperature valve.

• Gas burner: Includes high-speed pulse burner, radiant tube air preheated burner, gas burner with thermostat, etc. Applicable to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, mixed gas and other combustible gases. Flame shape: short flame, long flame and flat flame.

Komschroder AG and Hotpower (China distributor) can be based on user requirements for combustion system design, technical advice, on-site installation guidance, equipment commissioning and spare parts supply.